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Become a full member of Factor 8 Guild!

Postby StuDaBaker =8= » Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:18 am

Our goal is to provide a positive online gaming experience to all, and we welcome gamers of all skill levels to join us for fun, games and comradeship. For over a decade, Factor 8 Guild has been an online "home" for gaming for several of us, and we extend a respectful invitation to all who would be a good fit to our roster. Noob or veteran gamers, we invite you to join us on the virtual battlefield and connect with a community of real world friends with common interests.

Member benefits include:
Access to members only areas of our website, where we talk games, music, comedy, you name it, it's pretty much fair game inside.

Access to our TeamSpeak3 server, where you can voice chat directly with other members of F8.

Preferred access to our hosted game servers, if it's full when you want to join, an admin will open a slot for you!

If desired, we can set you up with your own email address as well.

To apply, you must first register on this bulletin board . You must use a valid email address, first to verify your registration on the forum, and second as a way for us to reply to your application. At this time, board registration must be activated by an Admin for control of bot registrations. Please be patient. We do not spam.

Next, click the link below to read our Guild Regulations then apply at the end of that page. Thanks!

Guild Regulations
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Re: Become a full member of Factor 8 Guild.

Postby Lazarus =8= » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:06 pm

Guild Regulations are down at the moment, so we will bypass that and proceed as follows...

Simply register on these forums, post an application in the Public General Discussions using the following format:

Topic Header: Application to Factor 8

Use the following template for application (copy and paste)


Name / Gamertag (Callsign):


Sex: ( not mandatory but we'll find out during the TS3 interview anyway )


Do you have and use TS3? :

Members you've gamed with and/or been in contact with:


We will contact you via PM or email provided during registration.

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