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Postby vicious » Sun Sep 17, 2006 4:26 am


We at Disturbed-Gamerz.com would like to invite you and your squad members to visit our Server Rental Site. We offer some of the top notch games for low prices and low pings.

We are a new company just looking to stratch the surface of the gaming community. Our founders are old Gamerz themselves. We know what its like to be in high demand on Servers - Teamspeak - Ventrilo - Webhosting. And not having the cash nor the proper customer care to deal with our needs.

We at Disturbed-Gamerz.com are here for you, the Gamerz ! We started out small, looking to make a name for ourselves. And noticed in order to do that, it cost alot of money we didnt have. And the service we recieved wasnt that great. We are here to change that now.

I hope to see you and your squad members visit our company. Hopefully we can help you save some money and allow the proper game play with low pings, and great overall service.

Thanks for your time, and appoligize if this post disrespects any company your currently with. We sincerely do appoligize and hope to hear from you.

Have a Good Day and Best of Luck !

Now Hosting Ventrilo 2.3 . Ventrilo Prices



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